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"America's Victory" by David Shaw

"America's Victory" by David Shaw

"America's Victory" by David Shaw

The America's Cup is the oldest international trophy in competitive sports, yet few know the inspirational story of the dedicated seamen behind the original race.

Most people are unaware that Americans have been racing yachts since the 1850s. David Shaw tells the story of how a young boat designer created the AMERICA, a yacht that in 1851 would compete and win against the British boats and arrogance.

Mostly the book focuses on events before the race, including AMERICA's rough journey across the Atlantic to Britain. The race is a relatively small part of the book, yet it is the most exciting. The book succeeds because of Shaw's deep knowledge of sailing and his ability to convey it in terms even the least knowledgeable in sailing.

Paperback - 296 pages
Sheridan House (Apr 2004)
ISBN: 1574091875
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