Backstay Insulators

Insulated standing rigging provides the ideal antenna for radio transmission and reception. We have a selection of Insulators and Components that will allow you to convert your backstay into a radio antenna.

Installation Recommendations
It's best to install 2 insulators on your backstay with a 35-foot distance between them. (Thirty-five feet is a good length because no HF* radio frequency naturally resonates at that wavelength. This allows your antenna tuner to work better.) The upper insulator should be at least 3 feet from the mast (or any metal object), and the lower insulator should be out of reach in order to prevent crew from getting an RF burn. If necessary, change your topping lift from wire to rope.

If you have a split backstay, we recommend installing 3 insulators. If the upper portion of your backstay isn't long enough for a 35-foot run, then position your insulators so that the total distance between them is 35 feet. For example, the uppermost insulator could be positioned 29 feet above the "Y" where the backstay splits. The second insulator could be placed on one leg 2 feet below the "Y", while the third insulator could be placed on the opposite leg 4 feet below the "Y". This way, the total distance or antenna length equals 35 feet (29ft + 2ft + 4ft).

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