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Balmar 6-Series Small Case Alternators

Balmar 6-Series Small Case Alternators

6-Series Small Case 12-Volt Alternators

Light-Duty, P-Type (Positive Field Excitation)

Balmar's newest 6-Series 12-Volt Alternators deliver large-scale charging capacity in a package that's tailor-made for simple, trouble-free installations on the most popular marine engines. The patented "Smart Ready" internal regulator provides an additional assurance of dependability - and can serve as primary regulator or backup if external regulator fails.

  • Efficient, cool-running dual internal fans
  • Ventilated cast-aluminum case construction
  • Durable powdercoat finish for high corrosion resistance
  • Isolated grounding terminals
  • "Smart Ready" internal voltage regulation to 14.1V
  • External regulation - P-type, fixed voltage or multi-stage
  • Sealed brush design complies with USCG Title 33, ISO J1171, and SAE 8846 ignition protection standards
  • Safe for gas or diesel engines
  • Charging output - Single positive post
  • Stator Output - Rectified Alternating Current (AC)
  • Bearings - Sealed, internally lubricated HD

  • Tensioning Arm - 180 degree offset
  • Rotor/Stator - 12-Pole
  • Maximum RPM - 15,000
  • Case diameter - 5.75"
  • 1-Year limited manufacturer's warranty

These light-duty alternators comply with USCG Title 33, ISO J1171, SAE 8846 and internaltional CE ignition protection standards.

Note: The "Smart Ready" internal regulator can be left disconnected, or it can be connected to the charging system with a simple double-throw toggle switch for rapid deployment.

Mfg No.Mount TypeRated AmperageAmperage Output*Mimimum
Belt Width
60-70-SVDual Foot
3.15" ID Saddle
7057-69@ 2K RPM
63-76@ 5K RPM
60-100-SVDual Foot
3.15" ID Saddle
10071-84@ 2K RPM
87-110@ 5K RPM
621-100-SVSingle Foot
1" or 2"
10071-84@ 2K RPM
87-110@ 5K RPM

*Find detailed Alternator Hot & Cold Output Curves on the Balmar website at

Sold individually
SKU Model   QTY
00711267 Mfg# 60-70-SV - Dual Foot 70 Amp Price: $687.20
00711633 Mfg# 60-100-SV - Dual Foot 100 Amp MAP Price: $770.00
00711634 Mfg# 621-100-SV - Single Foot 100 Amp (Special Order item) MAP Price: $770.00