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Bennett Marine Trim Plane Assemblies

Bennett Marine Trim Plane Assemblies

Standard Trim Plane Assemblies

AKA Trim Tab Assemblies

Bennett trim planes are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and remain strong and rigid, even in the most challenging situations. Each trim plane assembly includes a trim plane, backing plate and hinge for one side of the boat. We offer the standard Transom Mounted hinge style, which fits to the boat's transom and is used in the majority of applications

General Sizing Guidelines
These sizing recommendations are based on average performance. Your choice may vary based on power, engine configuration, weight distribution, type of boat and use. The greater the surface area, angle of deflection, and/or speed of the water flowing under the trim tab, the greater the lift.

When making a choice between trim tab sizes, remember that the largest trim tabs that will comfortably fit on the transom will be the most efficient.

As a rule, choose at least one inch of trim tab span (side-to-side measurement) per side for every foot of boat length. The 9" chord (fore-to-aft measurement) is used in most applications. For example, a 24-ft. boat requires 2 tabs, each of which should be no less than 24" x 9" (span x chord).

Whenever possible, choose a 9" chord trim tab, and gain lift through a longer span. The span of the trim tab has more of an effect on the amount of lift. However, a longer chord can be used effectively, and there are situations where you may need to use a 12" chord.

When to Use a 12" Chord
Limited Transom Space - Boats with twin outboards or twin I/Os, or boats with transom configurations that limit trim tab span, can use 12" chord tabs to achieve maximum lift. Using the measuring guideline above, fit the maximum span tab and use the 12" chord.

Extra Lift - Slower boats (less than 15 mph), semi-displacement hulls, boats over 50 feet, outboard brackets or boats with any other feature that increases the need for lift aft benefit from the 12" chord. The 12" chord provides greater surface area, thereby utilizing more water flow and providing more lift.

Sold per individual assembly

Actuator not included
SKU Model   QTY
00012396 Mfg# TPA129 - 12" Span x 9" Chord Price: $105.14
00012399 Mfg# TPA189 - 18" Span x 9" Chord Price: $117.17
00012402 Mfg# TPA249 - 24" Span x 9" Chord Price: $129.21
00012405 Mfg# TPA309 - 30" Span x 9" Chord Price: $144.45
00012408 Mfg# TPA369 - 36" Span x 9" Chord Price: $158.10
00012411 Mfg# TPA429 - 42" Span x 9" Chord Price: $177.36
00012414 Mfg# TPA489 - 48" Span x 9" Chord Price: $203.84
00012417 Mfg# TPA549 - 54" Span x 9" Chord Price: $220.70
00086494 Mfg# TPA1212 - 12" Span x 12" Chord Price: $118.77
00086497 Mfg# TPA1812 - 18" Span x 12" Chord Price: $129.21
00086500 Mfg# TPA2412 - 24" Span x 12" Chord Price: $141.24
00086503 Mfg# TPA3012 - 30" Span x 12" Chord Price: $157.29
00086506 Mfg# TPA3612 - 36" Span x 12" Chord Price: $176.55
00086509 Mfg# TPA4212 - 42" Span x 12" Chord Price: $203.04
00086512 Mfg# TPA4812 - 48" Span x 12" Chord Price: $222.30
00086515 Mfg# TPA5412 - 54" Span x 12" Chord Price: $253.59 | | phentermine and adderall | xanax without a prescription