Bomar Hatch Gasket

Bomar Hatch Gasket

Hatch Gasket Material - Rubber

Bomar supplies two types of heavy-duty, black rubber gasket material for use in their molded hatches. Use to replace old gasket material that is cracked or no longer preventing hatch from leaking or rattling. Both styles are available in two sizes and are sold in continuous lengths as needed. Carefully measure distance around hatch cutout to completely fit and seal each hatch.

  • P100 gasket has a round profile and is edged with self-adhesive backing - Just peel off red tape and stick gasket in place
  • P2000 lip gasket is specifically molded for Bomar extruded hatches - No glue is necessary, except for Super Glue® to stick ends together once gasket has been cut to correct length

Mfg No.TypeApplication
P100-51Round 1/2"Bomar Cast Hatches & Portlights
(older models)
P100-52Round 9/16"Bomar Cast Hatches & Portlights
P2000-25Lo-ProfileBomar Extruded Hatches
(handle-thru-lens models)
P2000-26Hi-ProfileBomar Extruded Hatches

Sold per foot
SKU Model   QTY
00710766 Mfg# P100-51 Price: $5.25
00023954 Mfg# P100-52 Price: $5.72
00708062 Mfg# P2000-25 Price: $5.40
00712086 Mfg# P2000-26 Price: $6.12 | | strongest color xanax bars | low dose xanax |