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CruzPro Gas Vapor Detectors with Remote Sensor

CruzPro Gas Vapor Detectors with Remote Sensor

LPG/Gas Vapor Monitor with Alarm and Remote Sensor

The GD55 Gas Vapor Monitor detects gas vapors at 25% of the concentration required for an explosion (LEL or Lower Explosive Limit) and sounds off with an audible alarm whenever the levels are reached. The alarm will continue to sound as long as the sensor detects a dangerous concentration of gas vapor.

The GD55 uses new technology to lower the power requirements for the sensor and draws only 0.12 amps at 12 Volts DC. A built-in self-test program checks the electronics, cables and sensor and reports any problems.

Meter is available in either round or square face. Easy installation into a round cut-out with 2-1/8" diameter (55 mm) requires only a screwdriver.

  • Operating Voltage - 10.5 - 16.0 VDC
  • Current Draw - 0.12 amps
  • Sensitivity - Better than 25% LEL
  • OperatingTemp - 32 -122° F. (0-50° C.)
  • Meter Face - 2.5" diameter or 2.5" square (61mm)
  • Meter Depth - 4.1" (104mm)
  • Mounting Hole - 2-1/8" (55mm)
  • Alarms - Built-in 85dB audible alarm

Includes an LPG/gasoline/petrol sensor assembled with 16-feet (5 meters) of cable, an instruction manual and all mounting hardware.

A spare gas sensor with cable can be ordered separately - Mfg# GD27LPG.

Sold individually
SKU Model   QTY
00711128 Mfg# GD55R - Round Face Price: $149.67
00711129 Mfg# GD55S - Square Face Price: $149.67
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