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"Danforth Deepset II" Anchors - Galvanized Steel

"Danforth Deepset II" Anchors - Galvanized Steel

Danforth® Deepset II® Fluke Anchors

Galvanized Steel

The patented Deepset II® anchors have been developed through a combination of exhaustive field testing, computer enhanced design, and state-of-the-art laser manufacturing techniques to produce an anchor of high holding power. These anchors continue the Danforth tradition of innovation and performance. Precision manufacturing techniques allow each anchor to set the first time, every time.

  • Manufactured from premium steel
  • Superior shank construction with tensile strength of over 200,000 PSI
  • Hot-dipped galvanized finish

Danforth® Anchors are warranted to be free from manufacturing and material defects for the life of
the product under normal use and service.

Holding Power numbers in table below indicate how large a boat each specific anchor will hold in 20 knots of wind. (Tested under equivalent conditions and average bottom conditions.)

Mfg No.WeightHolding PowerFor Boat Length
(20K Winds)
Use with Chain* &
Chain Diameter*
Dimensions A x B
(Height x Stock Width)
Dimension C
(Fluke Length)
TII-5705 Lbs.570 Lbs.Up to 26 Feet4 Feet
19-3/4" x 14-1/2"10-1/2"
TII-12008.5 Lbs.1,200 Lbs.Up to 35 Feet4 Feet
24-1/4" x 18"12"
TII-180013 Lbs.1,800 Lbs.Up to 42 Feet5 Feet
28-1/4" x 21"14-1/4"
TII-250020 Lbs.2,500 Lbs.Up to 50 Feet5 Feet
32-1/2" x 24"16-1/4"
TII-300025 Lbs.3,000 Lbs.Up to 55 Feet6 Feet
35-3/4" x 25"19"
TII-400036 Lbs.4,000 Lbs.Up to 65 Feet8 Feet
42-1/2" x 31"22"
TII-600075 Lbs.6,000 Lbs.Up to 75 Feet8 Feet
50-1/2" x 38"26-1/4"
TII-7000103 Lbs.7,000 Lbs.Up to 80 Feet8 Feet
54-3/4" x 42-1/2"28-1/4"

*Manufacturer Recommended

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SKU Model   QTY
00026619 Mfg# TII-4000 - 36 Lb. Price: $881.86
00026622 Mfg# TII-6000 - 75 Lb. Price: $1193.66
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