Dutchman Boom Brakes

Dutchman Boom Brakes

Boom Brakes

Eliminate Accidental Jibes!

Even in moderate winds on smaller boats, the force of the boom when jibing can be deadly, let alone potentially damaging to the rig. Although inexperienced crew or guests are especially at risk, knowledgeable sailors have also been killed or injured in jibing accidents. If you want to sail downwind without worrying or having to set up a preventer, the Dutchman Boom Brake is for you.

The Boom Brake uses the same principle as a line wrapped around a winch to control side-to-side boom movements. Under tension, the boom brake works like a preventer. Ease the tension, and the boom swings at a slow, controlled rate. With the tension off, there is no effect on the boom's movement, and tacking upwind is not affected. No more near misses or worse, because the boom never has a chance to speed up to dangerous velocities.

The boom brake uses a line (not included) run from the chainplates to the brake. You regulate the boom speed by adjusting the tension on the line.

Models BB 250, BB 500 and BB 750 are used in these applications:
  • Rigid vangs
  • Soft vangs with 2 attachment points (bails) on the boom
  • No vang

Models BB 250B, BB 500B and BB 750B have an additional shackle at the bottom of the Brake. The Brake is attached to the vang bail on the boom. The vang is shackled to the bottom of the brake.
  • Used with "soft" (block and tackle) vangs

Mfg No.Typical Boat SizeMax Mainsail AreaSafe Working Load
BB 25020-30 Ft250 SF1,600 Lbs
BB 250B20-30 Ft250 SF1,600 Lbs
BB 50028-45 Ft500 SF2,700 Lbs
BB 500B28-45 Ft500 SF2,700 Lbs
BB 75042-65 Ft750 SF4,100 Lbs
BB 750B42-65 Ft750 SF4,100 Lbs

These specifications are for conventional, moderate displacement monohulls, and they provide a rough indication of which Boom Brake to use. Heavy displacement or offshore-intended sailboats should move up to the next larger Brake if near the maximum sail area.

The Safe Working Loads are for the respective Brake and any mounting hardware used to secure the Brake or to run the line aft to the cockpit. Any parts you use should follow these SWL recommendations.
SKU Model   QTY
00711256 Mfg# BB 250 Price: $243.95
00711257 Mfg# BB 250B Price: $274.55
00711258 Mfg# BB 500 Price: $379.95
00711259 Mfg# BB 500B Price: $429.25
00711260 Mfg# BB 750 Price: $555.90
00711261 Mfg# BB 750B Price: $653.65
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