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Force 10 Burner Retrofit Kits - Stainless Steel

Force 10 Burner Retrofit Kits - Stainless Steel

Complete Top Burner Retrofit Kits - Stainless Steel

Use one complete Force 10 Retrofit Burner Kit to replace one top burner on an old-style Force 10 Stove with a new-style burner in stainless steel.

Each kit will outfit one burner each in either the small burner size (2" diameter) or large burner size (4" diameter). For Force 10 stoves manufactured prior to 2000.

Please note recent changes in the new "dome" design of the top burner plates of these kits. These retrofit kits with new dome top still fit the old pre-2000 stoves just as the orignal kits were previously intended. Where the original burner kits have a flat-burner top plate with screw-into-stud installation, Force 10 has created the new dome-style burner top that features easier installation and burner cleaning without need of any fasteners. The dome top itself screws securely into place, and the new design also provides for more efficient burning and heating.

Note: The flat burner tops are being phased out and will be available only while supplies last.

Kit Contents:
  • (1) Stainless Steel Burner Assembly
  • (1) Thermocouple
  • (1) Spark Plug
  • (1) Copper Fuel Line
  • (2) #42 Rivets
  • (1) Instruction Sheet

Manufacturer note on kit contents:
Top grill stand-offs are no longer required for burner use - these are no longer provided in the retrofit kits.

Sold per kit
SKU Model   QTY
00711181 Mfg# 89013 - Small Burner Kit - Dome-Style Burner Top Only Price: $94.91
00711180 Mfg# 89012 - Large Burner Kit - Flat-Style Burner Top Only Price: $113.90