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"Higher Performance Sailing" by Frank Bethwaite

"Higher Performance Sailing" by Frank Bethwaite

"Higher Performance Sailing" by Frank Bethwaite

Based on 25 years of research and Olympic coaching, this massive reference work is a major event for racing sailors. It presents revolutionary explanations of wind prediction and boat design. Bethwaite's theories boosted the average speed of the highest-performance sailboats from two-thirds the windspeed to windspeed or faster. His family includes three Olympic sailing champions and three world champions (and one of the world's most successful Olympic coaches).

Bethwaite's original book, "High Performance Sailing" is now regarded as the bible of racing sailors and carries a string of endorsements from high achievers. Since its publication in 1984, racing yachts and dinghies have developed out of all recognition - a new high-tech breed of 'apparent wind' fast racers has claimed the water and so far no-one has applied themselves seriously to analysing what makes these boats sail fast (and what will make them faster). By means of extensive research, and working with sailors of different racing calibre, Bethwaite now analyses how to harness the apparent wind for increased speed and better position on your rivals. "Higher Performance Sailing" is groundbreaking and will most likely unlock the racing sailors' dreams. It will have a revolutionary impact on future racing sailboats and the way they are sailed.

Paperback - 512 pages
Adlard Coles (June 2009)
ISBN-10: 1408101262
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