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Hookah Electric-Powered Diving System - 12 Volt

Hookah Electric-Powered Diving System - 12 Volt

12-Volt Hookah Diving System

Model 12V160-3

This 12-volt system features a tough, compact, single-head compressor that goes beyond - actually, way below - diving just under the hull.

Terrific option for sailboaters and powerboaters who don't want to carry gas and for metal detectives who want to keep a low, quiet profile.

What better way to do those really fun projects like scraping barnacles, changing zincs, chopping line off the prop. No tank to bop the gel coat, no yo-yoing up and down 'til your lungs give out.

  • Performance - 3.25 CFM @ 0 PSI; 2.18 CFM @ 50 PSI. One to depth of 50 feet. (*See Note below)
  • Motor: 1/3 HP DC. Rated Load: 26 Amps
  • Recommended Battery: Group 31 Marine. (Expect two hours of operation.) Group 27. (Expect one hour, 20 minutes.) Running the boat engine will keep the battery charged
  • Size: 12" x 8" x 6" high on white, rubber feet. (Allow 19" length for hose bend, cables and overpressure, Quiet Valve)
  • Mounting: The compressor can be custom-mounted in any position
  • Weight: 23 Lbs.

Note: It's important to understanding 12 Volt-DC, its limitations and proper usage as an air-breathing device under water.

Caution: Exhaust fumes from other sources (outboards, generators, etc.) are toxic. Ensure that the intake air is uncontaminated. A low-cost, remote air intake hose can be ordered.
    Standard Gear Package:
  • 1- Air Line/Thomas 12-volt single-piston compressor
  • 1- 5-Foot US Navy heat hose with over pressure valve
  • 1- 60-Foot fully swiveled, individual diver hose
  • 2- Washable, stainless-steel particle filters
  • 1- Ditchable-weight towing harness
  • 1- Adjustable, hookah-specific, 2nd stage regulator with fully rotational, 360°swivel
  • 1- Owners manual
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