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Johnson Hand-Crimp Lifeline Toggle Jaw - T Style

Johnson Hand-Crimp Lifeline Toggle Jaw - T Style

Hand-Crimp Lifeline Toggle Jaw - T Style

For 3/16" Wire

Constructed of 304/316 Stainless Steel and generally used at the stern rail when no gate is required with a turnbuckle forward.

Here is an all stainless steel, new lifeline system offering the advantages of machine-swaged terminals without the drawbacks. This means fabrication may be done directly on the boat, saving time and completely eliminating measurement error.

Note: The holding power of our sleeves when properly applied is approximately 65-70% of 7 x 7 wire strength. While this has proven adequate for lifelines, DO NOT use of these fittings for standing rigging or other high load applications.

About Johnson Marine Lifeline Fittings:

Life Lines on your boat are one of the most important safety concerns. Riggers put their reputation on the line every time they set up and install lifelines on a boat. A rigger's knowledge and experience needed to perform lifeline work should give you piece of mind knowing the work was done right.

For experienced do-it-yourselfers, Johnson Marine provides its life line fittings in Hand Crimp. Hand Crimp fittings allow one to install lifelines with Johnson's hand tools available on this website. Hand Crimp fittings, when installed properly, bring safety and satisfaction to the do-it-yourselfer.
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00707153 Mfg# 27-415 - Wire 3/16" - Pin 1/4" Price: $13.50