Main Deck - Safety & Regulations - Fire Extinguishers - Kidde "Mariner PWC" Fire Extinguisher - 5B:C Rating

Kidde "Mariner PWC" Fire Extinguisher - 5B:C Rating

Kidde "Mariner PWC" Fire Extinguisher - 5B:C Rating

"Mariner 5P" Fire Extinguisher - Single Use

2 Lbs. Extinguishing Agent - UL Rated 5B:C

The smaller Kidde "Mariner 5P" fire extinguisher is designed for personal watercraft use and is suitable for use on Class B fires (burning liquids, grease and gases) and Class C fires (burning energized electrical equipment).

Unit contains 2 lbs. of sodium bicarbonate dry chemical extinguishing agent suitable for use on liquid and energized electrical fires. This agent will not fuse with or damage metal surfaces and makes clean-up easier and less costly.

These are non-rechargeable units supplied with a Nylon mounting strap and especially designed to be corrosion resistant for boating use with the following features:

  • Powder-coated seamless aluminum cylinder
  • Durable, corrosion-proof Nylon valve
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauge
  • Easy to operate handle
  • Non-toxic extinguishing agent
  • USCG-approved when unit is fitted with supplied mounting bracket

This compact unit is designed to fit in your personal watercraft.
  • 12-3/3" Height x 2-7/8" Diameter
  • Nozzle Width - 3-7/8"

This product can be shipped only via UPS Ground in small quantities.
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