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LunaSea LED Tri-Color/Anchor/Strobe Light

LunaSea LED Tri-Color/Anchor/Strobe Light

LED Tri-Color/Anchor/Strobe Light

2 Nautical Miles, Ruggedized

LunaSea's LED Tri-Color/Anchor waterproof navigation light has the added features requested by customers, and more. This rugged fixture, made of aluminum, is completely encapsulated and totally waterproof. LunaSea has added emergency anchor light flashing, auto daylight turnoff, and a removable bird spike that's interchangeable with the Davis Windex™ 15 wind vane. (See SKU #410305 .) In addition, they've added Amphenol waterproof connectors for easy fixture removal. They've chemically treated the unit to withstand harsh saltwater environments and added the option that lets you lock in place a custom mast top bracket. With state-of-the-art EMI circuitry, this light will not affect your VHF equipment.

  • Rugged anodized aluminum base
  • Encapsulated to completely protect from the elements
  • Maintains full brightness as low as 8 VDC
  • High intensity, superior lumen maintenance
  • Removable anti-bird spike
  • Threaded hole can mount Davis Windex on top of light
  • Light output meets all Coast Guard requirements

Technical Specs:
  • Voltage Range - 12 & 24 VDC (not designed for 36V systems)
  • Max Input - 45 VDC with Surge Clamp
  • Power Consumption - 3 Watts
  • Light Output - 2 Nautical miles
  • Enclosure - Cast Aluminum with removable aluminum bird spike
  • Infrared Light Sensor Daylight Auto-off (does not affect flash)
  • Flash - 150% brightness

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