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"SOS Marine" Man Overboard Buoy

"SOS Marine" Man Overboard Buoy

Man Overboard Self-Inflating Dan Buoy

Throw Bag with Buoy, Drogue, Strobe Light & Arm Straps

The award-winning, SOS Marine self-inflating man overboard buoy, or dan buoy, automatically deploys upon submersion in water. To trigger deployment, just toss it into the water immediately upon losing a crew overboard. Within seven seconds, the buoy self-inflates, which makes keeping track of a man overboard far easier!

This compact, self-contained device is visible for over one(1) mile in daylight and is highly visible at night. It features a water-activated strobe, SOLAS light-reflective tape, and an extra-large drogue to retard drift. It's also lightweight (10 lbs.), easy to maintain, and easy to repack for reuse.

  • Ready to use - Just throw
  • All in one package
  • Visible from over (1) one mile in daylight
  • Highly visible at night
  • Fast 7-second inflation
  • Compact - Easy to transport between vessels
  • SOLAS strobe light
  • Oversized drogue
  • ISAF conforming
  • ISO 12402 quality

  • Auto-inflation mechanism as on inflatable life jackets
  • Fluorescent yellow buoy 6-ft. height above water
  • 8-Foot fluorescent yellow fabric streamer top
  • Water-activated strobe
  • SOLAS light-reflective tape
  • Fog whistle
  • Rescue aircraft deployment - Drop from up to 1,000 ft
  • Arm straps for person overboard
  • Takes widely available 33 gram CO2 cylinder
  • Green ready indicators
  • International Patent PCT/AU2010/000397
  • Dimensions - 11" x 8" x 3"
  • Drogue - 47" by 23-1/2"
  • Weight - 10 lbs.

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This product is not available for airfreight shipment due to federal regulations. We will ship this product only via UPS Ground in small quantities within the contiguous (lower 48) United States.

SKU Model   QTY
00712235 Mfg# DB100 - Dan Buoy Price: $349.00
00712276 Mfg# DB100-HLDR - Holder for Dan Buoy Price: $49.50
00712375 Mfg# DB100-RECHG - Recharge Kit, Halkey-Roberts Price: $23.22
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