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Schaefer Blocks

From Schaefer, we carry a wide variety of traditional blocks in either aluminum or stainless steel for dinghies, prams and small day sailers all the way up to big boats. Here you'll find their Series Blocks in Cheek, Fiddle, and Halyard/Control configurations. The latter include Stand-Up Swivel, Fixed Fairlead, Hinged Fairlead, Half-Moon Mast Base, Halyard Lift, and Over-the-Top blocks. We also stock their Snatch Blocks and Wire/Utility Blocks, as well as various Block Adapters. If you're looking for their computer-machined aluminum M Series Blocks for boats ranging from 35 to 60 feet, we've got them, too.

If you need blocks for trimming your headsail, look in Genoa/Jib Blocks & Cars to check out our selection from Schaefer, as well as Harken and Ronstan.
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 Series Blocks
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