Look here for all the different sailing hardware items that we call Shackles - We supply them from most major names in the marine industry. We carry Tylaska, Ronstan, Wichard, Schaefer, RWO, RaceLite, and Harken to name a few. These are made with stainless steel or titanium in many useful configurations for various applications that service sheets and halyards, including Soft Shackles, Spool Shackles, Spectra Loops, Trigger Release Shackles, Peeling Strops, Snap Shackles, and J-Lock Shackles.
"D" Shackles
"D" Shackles - Long
"D" Shackles - Wide
Bow Shackles
Halyard Shackles
J-Lock & Press Lock Shackles
Snap Shackle Lanyards
Snap Shackles
Snap Shackles - Quick Release
Snap Shackles - Trigger
Soft Shackles & Attachment Loops
Spool Shackles
Thimble Shackles
Trigger Shackle Release Fids
Twist Shackles