"Soft Deck" Sabot Cockpit Sole Kits

 "Soft Deck" Sabot Cockpit Sole Kits

Hydro-Turf® Sabot Cockpit Sole Kits

One-Design Boat Floor Kits

All Sabot Kits feature a molded substrate with channels that create an anti-skid surface. Material is a closed-cell EVA foam, infused with UV inhibitors. Each piece has an easy-to-use "Peel and Stick" backing using 3M Pressure Sensitive Adhesive to make installation a breeze. Pads can be cleaned with Simple Green, water and your favorite deck brush.

Two styles are available. A one-piece kit is specifically built for Sabots with a floor board, and a two-piece kit is built to stick directly on the Sabot cockpit floor. Each Kit comes in the solid colors noted below.

One-Piece Kit
  • For Sabots with a floor board
  • Dimensions - 38" x 19"
  • Solid Colors - Grey, Deep Blue, Royal Blue, White

Two-Piece Kit
  • Sticks directly to Sabot cockpit sole
  • Two 18" x 20" pieces
  • Solid Colors - Grey, Deep Blue, Royal Blue

Sold per kit
SKU Model   QTY
00600253 Mfg# SABOT1KG - One-Piece Grey Price: $52.50
00600256 Mfg# SABOT1KDB - One-Piece Deep Blue Price: $52.50
00600255 Mfg# SABOT1KRB - One-Piece Royal Blue Price: $52.50
00600254 Mfg# SABOT1KW - One-Piece White Price: $52.50
00600257 Mfg# SABOT2KG - Two-Piece Grey Price: $52.50
00600260 Mfg# SABOT2KDB - Two-Piece Deep Blue Price: $52.50
00600259 Mfg# SABOT2KRB - Two-Piece Royal Blue Price: $52.50
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