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Teleflex "Safe-T QC" Rotary Steering Systems

Teleflex "Safe-T QC" Rotary Steering Systems

Safe-T® QC® Rotary Steering Systems

Ideal for traditional boat applications - Safe-T® QC suits inboard and small outboard drives and is recommended for power-assisted stern drive applications. These units replace all Teleflex Safe-T® helms made since 1968 with few or no dash modifications.

The Safe-T® Quick Connect Steering System cuts installation time in half and occupies a minimum space behind the dashboard. The unique design of this safe, reliable system requires no tools for installation and has the nut trapped on the engine end to prevent losing it during hook-up.

Each kit features a compact rotary helm unit with 3 turns lock-to-lock for standard travel, a Safe-T® 90-degree bezel (standard ), stainless steel cable output ends, and standard 3/4" tapered steering shaft.

Note: Components are available for dual-cable systems, but manufacturer recommends No-FeedBack steering for all dual-cable steered, non-power-assisted outboards and sterndrives.

Kit contains helm, 90-degree bezel and SSC62XX steering cable in foot lengths from 8-feet to 20-feet. All hardware and instructions are also supplied.

  • Compact rotary helm unit
  • 3.0 turns lock-to-lock
  • Easy to install with no tools required
  • Uses simple snap-in connection, Teleflex Quick Connect (QC) cable and industry standard Safe-T® mounting hardware
  • Standard 3/4" tapered steering shaft
  • Stainless steel cable output ends for durability

Before you buy make sure to determine:
  • Identification of existing steering system that is being replaced
  • Which Teleflex kit is suitable for your boat
  • Cable length needed for installation
SKU Model   QTY
00080929 Mfg# SS13708 - 8-Foot Cable Price: $224.60
00080932 Mfg# SS13709 - 9-Foot Cable Price: $224.60
00080935 Mfg# SS13710 - 10-Foot Cable Price: $224.60
00080970 Mfg# SS13711 - 11-Foot Cable Price: $224.60
00080936 Mfg# SS13712 - 12-Foot Cable Price: $224.60
00080939 Mfg# SS13713 - 13-Foot Cable Price: $219.60
00080942 Mfg# SS13714 - 14-Foot Cable Price: $224.60
00045679 Mfg# SS13715 - 15-Foot Cable Price: $224.60
00045682 Mfg# SS13716 - 16-Foot Cable Price: $224.60
00045685 Mfg# SS13717 - 17-Foot Cable Price: $224.60
00045688 Mfg# SS13718 - 18-Foot Cable Price: $224.60
00080945 Mfg# SS13719 - 19-Foot Cable Price: $224.60
00080948 Mfg# SS13720 - 20-Foot Cable Price: $224.60
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