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Teleflex "The Rack" Rack & Pinion Steering Systems

Teleflex "The Rack" Rack & Pinion Steering Systems

Rack & Pinion Steering Systems - "The Rack"

Traditional Mechanical Cable Kits

"The Rack" is a unique back-mount rack system that allows fast and easy installation and delivers a precise and comfortable steering "feel." It is suitable for use on outboard and stern-drive boats that can accept a mechanical steering cable, this system applies to virtually all power-assisted stern-drive boats with wheels up to 16" diameter.

The back-mount rack design allows the helm and cable to be installed as one unit from behind the dash, with mounting hardware that fits industry-standard Teleflex and Morse rack holes.

Kit contains helm, 90-degree bezel and SSC134XX steering cable in foot lengths from 10-feet to 20-feet. All hardware and instructions are also supplied.

This unit replaces pre-1984 Teleflex "The Rack" steering without dash modification and requires use of the SSC134XX Back MountRack cable. SSC124XX (old style) rack cables CANNOT be used with these systems.

Note: For single station use only. Components are available for dual-cable systems, but manufacturer recommends No-FeedBack steering for any dual-cable steered, non-power-assisted outboards and sterndrives.

  • Precise, easy 4-turn response
  • Standard 3/4" tapered steering shaft
  • Stainless steel cable output ends for durability
  • Drop in replacement steering system for Morse Command 200 rack system
  • Uses SSC134XX steering cables
  • Replaces pre-1984 Teleflex "The Rack" steering without dash modification
  • Meets A.B.Y.C. standards
  • Meets N.M.M.A. certification requirements

Before you buy make sure to determine:
  • Identification of existing steering system that is being replaced
  • Which Teleflex kit is suitable for your boat
  • Cable length needed for installation
SKU Model   QTY
00080951 Mfg# SS14110 - 10-Foot Cable Price: $215.99
00080954 Mfg# SS14111 - 11-Foot Cable Price: $215.99
00080957 Mfg# SS14113 - 13-Foot Cable Price: $215.99
00080960 Mfg# SS14114 - 14-Foot Cable Price: $215.99
00080963 Mfg# SS14115 - 15-Foot Cable Price: $215.99
00080966 Mfg# SS14116 - 16-Foot Cable Price: $215.74
00080969 Mfg# SS14117 - 17-Foot Cable Price: $215.99
00080972 Mfg# SS14118 - 18-Foot Cable Price: $215.74
00080975 Mfg# SS14119 - 19-Foot Cable Price: $215.74
00080978 Mfg# SS14120 - 20-Foot Cable Price: $215.99
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