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"Winning in One-Designs" by Dave Perry

"Winning in One-Designs" by Dave Perry

"Winning in One-Designs" 4th Edition by Dave Perry

Long considered one of the best books about sailboat racing by competitive racers around the world, Dave Perry's "Winning in One-Designs" covers every aspect of racing. Perry explains in detail how to sail fast, reduce mistakes and make use of the most advanced tactics from start to finish. Perry's expert advice, clear and often humorous explanations, and numerous tips, offer invaluable instruction to sailors at all levels of competition and in all sizes of boats, whether racing one-design or handicap.

Dave Perry is an All-American sailor, champion racer, coach and teacher as well as a US SAILING Senior Certified Judge and member of the U.S. Appeals Committee.

Paperback - 256 pages
United States Sailing Association - 4th Edition [May 2005]
ISBN: 0976226146
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00189580 Mfg# USS003 Price: $26.95
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