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Frequently Asked Questions

Address Verification System (AVS) mismatchAuthorize.Net declined your purchase because the billing address you entered doesn't match the one on file for your credit card. Try again with the billing address to which your bank/credit card company mails your statements. Another option is to purchase via PayPal.
Address Verification System (AVS) service not supportedAuthorize.Net, the bank that handles our credit card sales, has informed us that your bank won't verify your billing address. Therefore, your purchase has been declined. If you still wish to place an order, you can either try a credit card from another bank or make your purchase using Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account, it's easy to set one up.
Duplicate Authorize.Net chargeAuthorize.Net has processed your order even though our website notified you that it was "not finished." We'll direct Authorize.Net to refund this order, and we'll promptly fill your "processed" order.
Foreign zip codeAuthorize.Net was expecting your billing address to have a 5-digit zip code. Your foreign address will be accepted if you first enter as a "new customer," go down to the country field, click the drop down, and choose your country. Do this first, before entering any other billing information, even your name. Another option is to purchase via PayPal.
Freight/shipping costsYou can use our website to get the prices on all items, including the price of available shipping options, by putting an item in your "Shopping cart" and clicking "Checkout." Then, enter your shipping and billing address on the next page. This will allow you to see the full price of a potential purchase before entering any credit card information.
Freight/shipping costs
USPS Priority Mail® is the least expensive shipping option available. It's not something for which you're paying extra. USPS Priority Mail _-Day™ is the Postal Service's estimate of the time it will take them to deliver to your address after we've shipped your order. Please note that most orders ship from our location within 2 business days of order placement.
Freight under 1 lb.For orders less than 1 pound, you can save on shipping charges by using USPS Priority Mail™. From the "Select your favorite carrier below" window, click on the down arrow and select "Other carriers." Then, you can choose a less expensive shipping method that bills by the ounce instead of by the pound and also does not have a surcharge for residential deliveries.
International customs feesPlease note that we are not responsible for, nor are we able to estimate or quote, the customs duties, taxes, port handling charges or other customs charges for orders shipped outside the United States. These fees are the responsibility of the consumer. Please also note that your country's customs process may delay delivery of your order.
International trackingThe USPS® computer system cannot track your package once it leaves the U.S. via plane. From that point on, packages are tracked only by the mail service of the destination country, territory or protectorate. Frequently, there is no interface between USPS® and these foreign mail services. For this reason, many of our customers use UPS® or FedEx®, even though they are more expensive.
Log-in problemsOnce you've created a password, it is tied to your e-mail address. It won't let you set up a new password without first entering your old one or using a different e-mail address. To solve, click on "New Customer" every time you make a purchase and leave the password field empty.
Overpriced Priority Mail InternationalOur website is plugged directly into the USPS pricing table, but some Priority Mail International shipments end up costing us less. We'll refund the difference.
ReturnsIf you need to return an item, please contact us within 30 days of purchase for a Return Authorization number. You may ship via the least expensive freight option available to you. Life rafts, cut goods, clearance items, and with few exceptions, special ordered items are not returnable, unless defective, and then for repair, refund or replacement only at the manufacturer's discretion.
Shipping to MexicoWe ship to Mexico via FedEx® or UPS®. The freight and duty can be expensive, but there's no California sales tax.
Shopping cartWhen you input the item quantity you wish to purchase and then click, the quantity immediately reverts to zero in the box. Many web users see that zero and input the needed quantity repeatedly. When this happens, just click on the "Continue Shopping" tab and then click on the "Shopping Cart" logo at the top of that web page. You'll then be able to modify all your purchases.
Tax refundsOur website isn't designed for wholesale customers or freight forwarders. It charges sales tax for all shipments within California and isn't capable of keeping track of non-taxable sales shipped in-state. Thus, we cannot refund the sales tax.

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